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Ideas For Android App Developers


One of the hardest things as an app developer is finding an underserved area of the market and being able to fill it with a useful app that people will want to purchase. Creativity and market analysis are both crucial in this step to be able to find a winning formula. The key is to try and think outside the box to find an area of the market that has not yet been saturated.

Here are some ideas to try and help kickstart the process of finding a profitable Android app niche.

Net Calorie Intake

While there are quite a few apps in this niche, there are ways that they can be improved to be more effective. A lot of people who are interested in counting their calories, are also taking some form of meal replacement shake on a daily basis. As someone who takes IdealShape, a popular weight loss shakes on a daily basis, it would be nice if you were able to program in the daily calorie count that these meal replacement shakes account for.

Identification Apps

One of the major app industries for the future (in my opinion) is going to be image identification apps. From taking pictures to skin conditions to taking pictures of insects, soon there will be large databases that will compare the image with images in the database to identify the object or condition that is being photographed. The technology is not quite here yet, but watch for it in the near future.

As the Anroid app market becomes more and more competitive, it is going to be the more creative app developers that are going to be able to rise to the top and stay at the top. Hopefully these ideas sparked some ideas for the budding developers out there.


Top Health Android Apps


The health app industry for Android is extremely competitive. Health is something that (almost) everyone is concerned about, and so the industry is saturated with apps. With so many apps to choose from, it’s hard to decide which ones are must have’s. Let us break it down for you.

FitStar Personal Trainer

This app acts as a personal trainer, so you don’t have to fork over hundreds of dollars every month. Apps like this are very popular, but this one seems to be at the top of the pile in terms of monthly downloads, and for good reason – it is a well made app that does its job very well.


Fitmo is another personal trainer app, but this one is a little different. It allows you to track the amount of supplements you’re taking with your workouts. So for example, if you take a nitric oxide supplement like Nitrocut, you can track your supplement intake, along with how many calories you burn and how long you work out for. This is very handy for gym enthusiasts.


Spring is a neat app that tracks your heartrate and plays songs from your playlist that have a similar BPM. This means that as your workout ramps up, so does your music. It’s a great motivating app that really adds some rhythm to your workouts, which can really help in getting the most out of your time in the gym.

Check out these apps if you haven’t already. We think they’re some of the best Android health and fitness apps available!

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Popular Trends In Android Games


Android gaming, like other industries is heavily dependent on the ebbs and flows of trends. Games come and games go, some are at the tops of the charts for a long time, some for a short time. There’s always the next game that takes the top spot in the sales charts. Android gaming is particularly vulnerable to these trend changes just because of the nature of the gaming industry. Everyone is always looking for the next big game, as old games become boring.

In order to try and transcend this cycle of ups and downs, we can look at other industries to see how top products are able to stay at the top for long periods of time. For example, in the health and beauty industry, skin lightening treatment has been a top industry for a long time. Products like Meladerm, which lighten the skin tone by targeting pigment molecules in the skin, has been a top seller for years now. What lessons can be learned from products like skin lightening cream that dominate the market for years, that can be applied to Android gaming?

The two industries are obviously very different but by thinking outside the box, one can begin to try and look at trends in a different way. These sorts of thinking exercises – trying to find patterns in non-related industries – could have a big effect on how games are marketed.

In competitive industries like Android gaming and health and beauty, it is crucial to try and think outside the box to set yourself apart from your competitors.